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Residential Service

Whether it is a new installation or existing installation, we Southern Downs Gas Service (SDGS) provide an error-free service on residential,commercial,industrial gas,natural gas,LPG gas fitting services, Gas Cooktop, Cooker, Gas Hot Water Installation in Ipswich,Brisbane that caters all your residential needs. Be it a gas leak checks or a pressure check, we are at your service throughout the clock.

We took care of both the new installations as well as of the existing installations. You can check the details of our services over here.

New installations : We offer our customers a completely new installation service. Our installation service includes the setting and installation of the cylinders, regulator and stove. While doing the installation, we also check if there any leakage or not through the pressure test.

We do installation but also check and adjust the parts to ensure that all the appliances are running safely and efficiently. In case you want to change the use of LPG to natural gas, we do provide that too.

Existing installations: It is not that we care about new customers but out old clients are our priced possessions too. We offer inspection for the gas pipes that do they need any alterations or needs to be extended for additional spaces. After a specific time, regulators should be replaced and we do provide the same service.

When it comes to the business reputation, we let our clients speak for us. You can check the testimonial section for the reviews that our clients gave us on different platforms.