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Industrial Gas Service

We are not only limited to provide service for residential and commercial service but also provide services to the different industries.
We provide residential, commercial, industrial gas, natural gas, LPG gas fitting services, Gas Cooktop, Cooker, Gas Hot Water Installation in Ipswich, Brisbane that cater the need of the different industries.

Poultry farms

SDGS (Southern Downs Gas Service) provide experienced service in different sites such as poultry farms, piggeries and feedlots. We offer the installations of the incubators and different mechanical fittings, which are essential in the farms like poultry and piggeries. We also help in installation of the range of conveyors, feeding system, drinkers and housing systems.

Tank installation

As per the need of the business, we do provide installations of tanks both single or multiple depending on the need of the sectors.

Poly pipe fusion welding Installation: Our staffs are well skilled in installing poly pipe fusion welding. However, during the installation the following things should be taken into consideration:

  • Fusions made per hour or day is an estimate only.
  • Exterior uncontrolled factors like temperature, weather, equipment & personnel can affect fusion performance
  • Fusion unit cost per day is the rate charged by Southern Downs Gas Service for a machine that is capable of fusing corresponding pipe size. Please contact us for current rates.
  • Crew members cost per hour is purely on an estimate. Prices reflect crew of either 2 or 3 people
  • Please verify labour rates in your specific area. Southern Downs Gas Service offers fusion services at a daily rate per technician.

When it comes to the business reputation, we let our clients speak for us. You can check the testimonial section for the reviews that our clients gave us on different platforms.